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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Power Translation

While I was looking into various items and options in a consumer unit or breaker panel, I noted the difference in terms used in North America. Predominantly these are terms used in the USA and UK. I decided that I would compile a table allowing a comparison of some of the common terms used in domestic electrical systems.  It also helps to vaguely highlight some of the differences in design and implementation of regulations.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Transformer, Electronic Transformer and Switch Mode Power Supply differences.

I have been looking at writing a post on electronic transformers due to a conversation I had with a friend.  I was explaining why I was changing my low voltage electronic transformer to a different version because I wanted to change from the original 20w 12v halogen light to an energy saving 5w LED which had roughly the same light output but a quarter the power consumption.  During the conversation it became apparent that my friend did not know what an electronic transformer was.  He incorrectly assumed that it was a switch mode power supply (SMPS). My friend is not a technophobe and was clearly unaware that there was a difference.  So in the following post I will describe what is the difference between a transformer, an electronic transformer and a switch mode power supply, specifically in regard to the 12v domestic options designed for home use.